Young Eagle Rally - March 4, 2000 at Concord.

These pictures are courtesy of Louie Goodell, the gentleman on the left in the back row.

These are the pilots and ground volunteers that were available at the photo opportunity.

Fred Egli and one of his Young Eagles with his father.


Phil Jenkins and Jared Harrison flew in Phil's Glasair IIS RG.
Here is Fred Egli and two more of his young eagles flown in Fred's Lancair 4.

Since he flew four and I don't have the ages, I can't even guess which one is which.

Here we have two young eagles and their dad waiting for a ride.


Ron Robinson flew two young eagles.  This is Matt Lopez I think.  I don't find a picture of Rowan Witebsky.

Correct me if I am wrong, guys.

Harvard Holmes flew Shyla Palmer, Jordan Harrison and Paige Brower in his Mooney.
Steve Snider flew Kevin Butler and David Harper, in his Arrow.  Looks like one of them had a great time.
Pete Wiebens flew Chris Mohan in his Glasair 3.


Keith Martz flew Cory Ricks, Dylan Palmer and Robert Harper.
Looks like Pat Peters and Bob Belshe were not too busy, at least at the time this picture was taken.
It looks like others would like to go too.  Or else, waiting for their kids to come back.  I guess some parents worry while their kid is gone, but having flown over 200 kids, I can tell you that some of them don't want to come back so soon.
Keith Martz provides this picture of him and his grand daughter after making her a young eagle.

 It is nice when we can make young eagles of our offspring.  I am still waiting for permission to make my youngest grandson a young eagle.