Young Eagles Rally 9/23/2000

The Young Eagles Event/MDPA pancake breakfast at the MDPA clubhouse turned out quite well.  I don't have any information on the number of breakfasts served.  However, we registered 52 young eagles, and flew 49.  (Some didn't show up or couldn't find the place).  I have added an aerial photo with directions.  Click here to see it.

Thanks to MDPA, the Civil Air Patrol Cadets (I hope they all got to go flying), and their commander as well as our own EAA393 VOLUNTEERS for showing up and providing valuable support services.  Next time, maybe we can feed the volunteers.  I know Dick Rhin bought a bag of hamburgers which fed some of them.

Pat Peters, current YE coordinator's press releases have worked.  I talked to some parents who said that is how they found out about it.

Information and photos submitted by Duane Allen.  For a larger version of the picture, click on it.  

These are some of the volunteers as they milled around the ramp.  There were others. These two cadets were recruiting for CAP.  It was nice having them here.  Please help me with the names. These were maintaining security on the flightline.  Please send me names.  Hotlink above. Tracy Peters, Harry Heckman, and David Glenn (Tim's son) who worked the entire event.

Lou Ellis gives his first young eagle a walk around briefing. Here we see Lou's third young eagle entering his Glasair II RG. This little guy really enjoyed his flight with Lou.  Did a fine job of flying too. Lou's third young eagle exits the Glasair. I didn't get a picture of Lou's fourth YE.

Phil Jenkins poses with his first young eagle. Here we see the young eagle exiting the Glasair IIS RG, all smiles. Phil discusses the flight with a mom before the hesitant young lady enters the Glasair. Phil explains things about the airplane before taking his next young eagle.

This guy wants to be the first astronaut on Mars. Quite an impressive young fellow.  Scott Achellis gave this young fellow a ride in July, and received a very nice letter from him and his mother. Scott gives one of the CAP Cadets a ride in his RV6A.  Job well done airmen. Thanks for your help.

Ron Robinson helps his first young eagle get strapped into his Glasair 1RG for a fun flight.  Ron and ......... pose after the flight and show off his certificate.   Ron prepares to take yet another young eagle for his first ride. These big smiles are what makes it all worth while.

Scott Newman discusses this kid's knowledge of airplanes, it is amazing.  He has been here before. This little guy spouts information like an encyclopedia.  He boards Scott's Cessna 185 for his flight, today. Dick Rhin takes his first load of young eagles in his Cessna 210 (five at at time). Guy Shields, who joined EAA just to fly in this event, departs with 3 young eagles in his Arrow.

Tim Glenn takes his first young eagle of the day in his KitFox 5. Tim and ........ pose after the flight for a better view of the chaps. Tim's next ride didn't seem too excited.  I missed their return & didn't get an after shot. Tim's last flight YE seemed a lot more in tune with the occasion.

Fred prepares to take a family up in his Lancair IV.  Notice the guy in the back seat.  Look familiar? Here we see Guy Shields briefing his next group of young eagles before boarding his Piper Arrow. Guy poses with his last group before signing their certificates and letting them go tell their stories. Guy's son got to go on one of the flights and was hurt that his picture had not been taken.  I hope this helps sonny.