Young Eagles Rally 8/19/2001

The Young Eagles Event with the Sea Scouts turned out quite well.  Pat Peters, Young Eagles coordinator, is doing  a good job getting youngsters to become Young Eagles.  

If you would like a full size version, 2048x1536 pixels, just click on the link below and send me an email message with the subject image you would like.  I am sorry I didn't get pictures of all the cadets with their pilot, but it got pretty busy for awhile and at the end I went to my hangar and got my Cardinal to fly the last to young eagles.  I left my camera in my truck in the hangar so I didn't get a picture of them either.  My apologies.

Information and photos submitted by Duane Allen. For a larger version of the picture, click on it.

Dave Cunningham and Evangeline Peters at the registration desk. When I arrived the Sea Scouts were at attention about ready to march to the viewing area..

After arriving at the staging area for flights, the troops listened to Mr. Godchaux, their leader, talking about aviation matters. They also got to watch the others as they took their flights in mostly homebuilt aircraft. [Scott Achelis' RV6A shown here.]

Phil Jenkins, retired United pilot,  does a walk-around with Cadet Alex Brenner.

Here Harry Heckman,  retired   physicist, shows Andrew Strausbaugh how to check the fuel before every flight as a safety measure.

Ask Harry sometime what the 137KT means on his Lancair 290. Phil Jenkins, Glasair 2RG also explains the preflight items to Alex.

Scott Achelis explains the constant speed propellor to James Arends.  This image is the panel in Scott's RV6A.  Here Scott shows James how to check the fuel before every flight.   That is one of the more important tasks before flying.  Phil Jenkins and Young Eagle Alex Brenner pose before the flight.

Phil ensures Alex is belted in and explains the safety harness and controls. Harry Heckman poses with Andrew Strausbaugh before they takeoff. Scott explains to James how to board an RV6 without doing much damage.. Here you see he made it in, now if he can just keep the dirty side down. One last picture before takeoff with James looking at the camera. 

 Keith Martz, retired dentist, does his first YE walk-around preflight of the day.. If it seems Andrew Crenshaw is in another time and place, well maybe he is.  I guess some kids are easily bored if you tell them something they already know.  Harry and Andrew S. taxi to the active for their first flight of the day. Mr. Godchaux spends waiting time explaining a lot of things about aviation to the troops.

 Here you can see Andy in the tower keeping all honest. Tracy Peters boards his Warrior first, then Alexander Danato enters and closes the door.  This was Tracy's only flight.  Mr. Godchaux has a question and answer period for the troops. Scott explains the constant speed prop to Edward Del Bescao.

 Scott explains the ailerons to Edward, but I think he already knew. Phil explains again what makes an airplane fly to Kathleen Furnbaches.  Notice Phil takes time to explain each and every step of the way.  Here he shows Kathleen how to secure the shoulder harness. And then, he explains controls and instruments to her before boarding.

Harry and Barrington Burton pause for a moment for photos.  And then they continue to do the walk-around preflight. Keith Martz starts his second round with Jacob Godchaux. I think there is an error here.  Somebody help me out.   Harry gives Barrington some last minute breifing.

Tracy's Warrior and Harry's Lancair 290 as they prepare for takeoff. Tracy returns with Alexander after their flight. Scott starts his third preflight with David Lane. It is interesting as an observer how some are much more interested than others.  Phil has Kathleen seated and strapped in for a fun ride.

As Phil starts reading his checklist, Kathleen is all grins.  I think this girl is going to have a good time today.  Here Scott boards after getting David Lane seated and buckled in.  Last minute cockpit checks and they are off into the wild blue.  Tracy had to cancel this flight due to a bad magneto check.

 Here Barrington gives the thumbs up that he is ready to go have fun with Harry in the Lancair 290. Keith and Jacob show off the flight certificate beside the 260 Commanche. Keith starts his 3rd briefing with non cadets, Konner Heredia, Kayla Larson and Nicole Garreston. I believe these folks were relatives of one of the controllers in the tower.  Here the cadets who had already flown at this point went through an inspection. [I remember those days]

Phil and Kathleen prepare for their takoff with last minute cockpit checks. Scott explains the free castering nosewheel on the RV6 to cadet Daniel Padilla Scott also explains to Daniel how the constant speed prop functions. Here we see Daniel lowering himself into the passenger seat with coaching by Scott. And, as he gets in and comfortable, Scott boards for what is to be a fun flight.

Scott's RV6A and Phil's Glasair2RG preparing for their next flights. Mr. Godchaux and another parent talks to Phil about their military flying careers. Phil and Brian Pierce perform a walk-around preflight before their flight.   Phil and Brian pose for a pre-takeoff photo.