Young Eagles Rally 10/20/2001

Young Eagle Coordinator Pat Peters had about 175 registrations for this event.  But as is the norm, only 70 showed  up and a few of those were walk-ins.  

Information and photos submitted by Duane Allen.
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Michael in the center, flew the airplane to Rio Vista, Josh on the left flew it back and Max Johnson just wanted a ride in an airplane. Charlie Butterfield, center, flew us to Rio Vista, Sean Conway flew us back and mom went along for the ride. Charlie really enjoyed himself.  I think Sean did too. But mommie was a different story.  We won't tell anyone though. Here you see two happy little boys and a happy pilot.  

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Cal Miller will be back.  He's ready for flying lessons.  Call me young fellow and we will go again. This is Michael and Tiffani Michaud.  I took them because I was the only pilot left when they showed up to go. These are the pilots flying on this date.  You will find their names below in the pictures from Don Baldwin.

These are the pictures that Don Baldwin took of each pilot and young eagle until his batteries ran down and his tummy ask for input.

I named the pictures with the initials of the pilots so therefore I came first.  That was not intentional.  Just luck of the draw.

If you would like your name added to each picture, please send me the information.  Please note the photo number when you place your mouse over it. 

Dave Cunningham


Dick Rhin flew several flights.

Fred Egli also had 3 flights, taking 2 young eagles on the first and 3 on the 2nd and 3rd. flights.

Keith Martz had more than two flights.

I guess Don had run out of juice by Keith's third flight


Lou Ellis also flew 3 flights that were photographed by Don.  I am not sure how many he made.  I haven't been able to pry the information from the YE Coordinator.

Phil Jenkins may have flown more after Don left to eat.

Since I don't know this fellow's name I have just used his last two of the tail number.   I believe he is from Chapter 52 in Sacramento.    

I think Scott Achelis also made more than two flights in his RV6A,  as did Will Price in his Lancair 320.

I took this picture of Tony Tiritilli  as I was taxiing out.