International Young Eagles Day 2000

IYED (International Young Eagles Day) at Moffett was successful in spite of some last minute Political SNAFUs at NASA.

When I get the final numbers, I will post them here, but what I thought I heard was that we flew about 156 kids.  Not as many as in the earlier years, but definitely made an impression on some kids.  I know that on both my flights the little girls in the rear had a very good time.

There were 25 to 30 airplanes as you can see in the three photos below.  Sorry I didn't think to have my camera ready on my first takeoff to get a picture of the parking area.  However, you can see some of them in one of the following pictures.

Hopefully Harry Wilson of Chapter 62 will share some of his pictures with me to post here.

If you'd like to contact me just send an email click here.  I will add the names provided by you.  I usually check my email  twice a day except when on travel.  It is not always possible depending on what country I am in and the phone lines. If you look closely, you can see a 1/3 scale Shuttle, a U2, an F104, an AV8 Harrier and a HiMat in the picture of the eight wind tunnels.

Information and photos submitted by Duane Allen.  For a larger version of the picture, click on it.

Prior Young Eagle Events at KNUQ
A History of Moffett Field.

The day started with a pilot briefing.  New rules this year! Some of the pilots who volunteered their time & planes This picture shows the enormous size of Hangar One, & an L1011 "Flying Hospital". A view from above where it all took place. Silicon Valley, CA
Here we see some of the GA airplanes that came to help out. To get a better look, click on the pictures for enlargement. This event happens once a year, so getting pilots usually comes easy. Here you can see a few of the airplanes and the huge Hangar 1
If you've never seen the world's largest wind tunnel, here it is.  You can see seven others as well. Here is where 20 person teams competed to pull that 727 12 Ft. in the least amount of time. Of course I must include pictures of my first two young eagles Erin and Kelly O'Neill. And of course, the second two as well.  Katherine really enjoyed herself while Tom flew the plane.

Frank Windgassen sent these pictures of Bob Briggs and Frank's  kids.  (no names).

Mr. Hoyt introduces SR71 Test Pilot, Bob Gilliland, the first person to every fly an SR71. Mr. Gilliland gave an excellent presentation on the history of the SR71development. Most of the YE Pilots and a lot of other interested people sat listening intently to Bob's answers to their many questions. You will be seeing more of this banner as time goes on.  Notice the Hangar One graphic on the sign.