Prior Young Eagle events at Moffett Field (NASA Ames Research Center)

Information and photos submitted by Duane Allen.  I have many hundreds of pictures from prior events.  It is always a task to decide what to post.

Here are a few from Moffett Field showing the size of the events.  Anywhere from 30 to over 50 airplanes every year since 1994.  I missed the 1999 event but have been at all the rest.  A lot of work if I do say so myself.

Here we see a group of airplanes prior to the start of flights of anxious Young eagles.  I think this was the second largest group in the 6 years we have been doing this.  One year we had 50+ including a glider.
The cars you see to the left are participants in the unfurling of the worlds largest flag.  ~265 x 565 feet.  Larger than 4 football fields.

All kinds of airplanes are used to fly the kids.  Glasairs, Lancairs, RVs (mostly RV6s), Cessnas, Pipers, Mooneys, you name it and it has probably been used.

This was a first ride for this little girl. Some kids come every year.  Others leave after they find out the pilots won't do aerobatics with them.

It is against EAA rules in the Young Eagle program to do aerobatics.

Obviously this kid has been at it for awhile.  He has graduated to the left seat.

He was lucky enough (with a 4.0 GPA) to get nominated to the Cliff Robertson work experience program at OSH and logged 20 hrs. flight instruction in an RV6A while there.  He has attended more YE events than anyone I know.  Has been working the ramp at 4 or 5 bay area chapters for seven years.

His name? Steven Marsh

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